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Add massage techniques to your wellbeing toolkit.

Infant Massage

90 min $105

This informative and interactive class is great for expecting parents or if you already have an infant. You will learn the importance of touch in your child's development. We will explore general massage techniques, focus massage for common digestive issues, and soothing techniques to promote parent-child bonding and respect.

Massage 101: Relaxation Techniques

90 min $105

Learn to recognize stress triggers and select appropriate massaging techniques designed to release tension and stress from the body. Targeted areas and techniques will be discussed to maximize relaxation. Class designed for self- massage or for others.

Massage 101: Therapeutic Techniques

90 min $105

Learn massage techniques designed to enhance the body's healing abilities. Customizable treatments to aid in pain management for skeletomuscular injuries following an in-depth assessment. Class designed for self- massage or for others.

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